Commercial law


We draft or reviw all types of business contracts.
We provide legal advice in all phases of contract negotiation.
We analyse existing documents and provide recommendations in terms of commercial law.
We represent our clients in all types of commercial disputes.


Corporate Law

We establish corporations (companies and co operatives).

We draft the relevant founding documents (foundation deeds, memoranda and articles of association) and their changes.

We provide consultancy about property and ownership structure of shareholders and members.

We draft agreements on performance of functions and other documents regulating internal relations in corporations.

We arrange for calling and correct course of company general meetings.

We draw up minutes of meetings for boards of directors and supervisory boards.

We draft share transfer and share purchase agreements.

We draft agreements on sale and tenancy of an enterprise.

We provide consultancy in relations between parent companies and their subsidiaries and in concern matters, we draft reports on relations.

We arrange for dissolution of corporations with liquidation.

We provide comprehensive legal, accounting and tax services related to liquidation.


Claims administration and enforcement

We analyse data and information provided by client and estimate the client’s success in the dispute.

We prepare pre-litigation requests and lawsuits.

We represent our clients in court and arbitration proceedings.

We represent our clients in enforcement proceedings.


Legal counselling for managers and crisis managers

We evaluate the risks of crisis scenarios and contemplated business transactions presented to us by managers and crisis managers, and recommend legally permissible procedures. We point out the possible consequences of the planned steps under civil and criminal law (damages; offences related to insolvency; the duty to file for insolvency, etc.).


Labour Law

We draft comprehensive labour law documentation, employment contracts, managerial contracts, agreements on work undertaken outside employment, internal regulations, wage and work regulations, agreements on material liability, redundancy, agreements on terminating employment relations, non-compete clauses, etc;
We represent our clients before courts or other bodies in disputes arising from labour law relations or related to them.


Insolvency matters

a) We register receivables for insolvency and represent our clients in insolvency proceedings.
b) We draft insolvency petitions, including applications for debt relief.
c) We draft lawsuits and represent our clients in  incidental disputes.


Legal services for freight forwarding companies

We provide comprehensive legal services to freight forwarding companies including establishment of transport companies; arrangement of the necessary permits and European licences; proving financial capacity; representation in court proceedings conducted under the CMR Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road; and representation of carriers in administrative proceedings, e.g. before regional authorities and labour inspection offices.

We have a history of successfully challenging decisions of governmental authorities, often imposing unreasonably high fines, by lawsuits in administrative justice. We have many years of experience with running freight forwarding companies and with their everyday issues. We provide comprehensive legal, accounting and tax advice in all areas specific for transportation (specific aspects of remuneration for drivers; foreign and domestic per diems; drivers’ work regime under the AETR; favourable clauses in transport agreements; claims for damages; application of the CMR Convention in practice, etc.).


Energy Law

We draft or review agreements in the energy area. We represent our clients in disputes arising from commercial activities in the field of energy before courts, courts of arbitration and administrative bodies (especially before the Energy Regulatory Office).


Real estate law; Legal services for developers, residential unit owners and housing co-operatives

We draft or review all real estate transfer agreements, especially purchase and donation agreements; we provide related services including primarily authentication of signatures, arranging the registration of ownership titles in the Land Registry, and escrow of money or documents.

We draft or review mortgage agreements and agreements to establish an easement.

We draft or review lease and sublease contracts.

We draft owners’ declarations and construction agreements and arrange changes to these documents.

We provide legal services to development companies, including drafting of the aforesaid documents, preparation of land for development projects and representation of our clients in related administrative proceedings.

We provide comprehensive legal services to companies engaged in management of residential buildings and individual owners’ associations and housing co-operatives. In this relation, we especially draft or review contracts of mandate for the management of individual buildings; draft the statutes of owners’ associations and housing co-operatives and arranges changes to the statutes; enforce claims against flat owners who have the duty to contribute regularly to building management and pay for related services; represent the owners in complaint procedures related to defects of their units and common areas of the building; draft or review refurbishment contracts, etc.


Administrative law

We represent our clients before all types of administrative authorities (tax authorities; land registry offices; customs authorities; labour inspection offices; the Energy Regulatory Office; the Office for the Protection of Competition; regional authorities; and construction authorities).

We represent our clients in administrative court proceedings conducted before regional courts and the Supreme Administrative Court based on lawsuits challenging decisions of administrative authorities.


Tax law

We represent our clients in tax disputes with the tax administrator in proceedings under the Tax Rules as well as in proceedings before courts of all instances. We closely co-operate in accounting and tax matters with Finetis, s.r.o., a tax and accounting office, and also with expert institutes, if need be.


Law of associations

We provide legal advice to various associations (golf clubs, etc.). Based on the client’s requirements, we draft tailor-made statutes and changes thereto; arrange the founding of associations and changes in entries in the register of associations; propose optimisation of internal accounting and tax procedures in view of the specific features of associations.


Sales and transfers of private medical practices

We arrange sales of private medical practices and their transformation to limited liability companies, including tax optimisation.


Trust funds

We found and administer trust funds.


Family law

We represent our clients in all types of family-law disputes, including especially proceedings on dissolution of marriage; proceedings on upbringing minor children; proceedings on maintenance and support; proceedings on parents’ access to minor children; proceedings on settlement of community property; paternity proceedings; adoption proceedings, etc.

We draft underlying documents for non-contentious divorces, including primarily agreements on property settlement, housing and possible duty of maintenance and support.
We provide for adjustment of the scope of community property.


Criminal Law

We provide legal services in the area of Criminal Law. The legal services are provided in the presentation of explanations or witness testimonies as part of criminal pre-trial proceedings and at trials. We provide defence of the accused at all stages of criminal proceedings (preparatory proceedings, main hearing, ordinary and extraordinary appeals proceedings). We represent charged, accused or injured and involved parties. The legal assistance is provided also by means of consulting, also in relation to corporations.


Our law office is notorious for careful and comprehensive assessment of each case in legal, tax and accounting terms. We closely co-operate with tax and accounting specialists seated in the same building. Notarial deeds, extracts from registers and Czech Point services are also available here. We pride ourselves in personal approach to our clients and strive to provide comprehensive legal advice in all aspects of the clients’ activity. Our clients value great devotion on the part of our lawyers and staff.

Based on our co-operation with a German legal, tax and accounting office, we are able to deal with cases involving a conflict of Czech and German laws and, where necessary, arrange necessary foreign legal or tax advice in Germany.

Our clients include major development companies, key players on the energy market, corporate groups engaged in golf business in the Czech Republic and abroad, multinational and domestic forwarding companies, societies, associations of residential unit owners, HR agencies, accounting and tax companies as well as private individuals.


Our law office closely co-operates with tax adviser Ing. Pavel Florian and accounting office FINETIS, s.r.o. seated in the same building.

Direct contact:
FINETIS, s.r.o.
Prešovská 170/5
301 00 Plzeň
Tel.: 00420 777 290 132

Our law office co-operates with tax and accounting office seated in Regensburg in Germany.

About us

JUDr. Karolína Florianová Bartovská

JUDr. Karolína Florianová Bartovská

Partner in the BK PARTNERS law office.
  • Registration number in the Czech Bar Association: 10166.
  • Attorney-at-law since 2004.
  • Partner in the Horák and partners law office for 10 years.
  • Provides legal services in Czech and German language.
Specialises in:

Scommercial and cooperate law, freight forwarding law, transport companies, CMR Convention, law of associations.

Cell phone: +420 728 673 726

Mgr. Zuzana Kapplerová

Mgr. Zuzana Kapplerová

Partner in the BK PARTNERS law office.
  • Registration number in the Czech Bar Association: 16723.
  • Attorney-at-law since 2016.
  • She provides legal services in Czech and English language.
Specialises in:

commercial and cooperate law, energy law, real estate law, legal services for developers, residential unit owners and housing co-operatives, administrative and tax law.

Cell phone: +420 732 30 52 58

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